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Herbal consultations

Herbal Consults

Herbal therapy consultation appointments are now available! Lisa is currently scheduling appointments for 2024.  She offers both in-person and online video visit appointments.

What to expect at your initial Herbal Consultation:

  • in depth and comprehensive intake form prior to our meeting

  • in-person or video visit appointment, which will last approximately an hour to hour and 1/2 (or longer if needed)

  • review together what health concerns brought you to your appointment and discuss your health intake form

  • assessment of your current state of health through both physical observations and conversation

  • discussion on herbs, supplements, diet, and/or lifestyle recommendations

  • form a natural health care plan together

Rates: Initial consultation $125.00 - follow up appointments $1 per minute

  (cost does not include herbs/supplements etc.)    

To schedule please email: or book online below!


If you have trouble with booking online or prefer a time outside of what is available on the online calendar, please email:

a little more info....



Master Herbalist

Diploma program:

Midwest School of Herbal Studies

The Master-Herbalist diploma program encompasses approximately two-to-three years of study in the major streams of herbalism (including modern Western Herbalism, Native-American Herbalism, Physio-medicalist Herbalism, American-Eclectic Herbalism, Chinese Herbalism, and Ayurvedic Herbalism)

MWSHS is a recognized, accredited training program with the American Herbalist Guild


Earth Spirit Medicine TM  

Shamanic practitioner

Earth Spirit Medicine™ (ESM™) developed by Diane Littel MS LPC, CSAC, CSIT, CCAP, RMT, SP, ESMTP™, is a training program that embodies animism, and embraces the concepts of “shamanism”. ESM™ is a way of living that develops a greater, more meaningful connection to plants, crystals / rocks, trees, animals, the unseen, and people. Deeper in the sense that you see or feel the connection in a way that you are a bigger or smaller part of the whole.  ESM™ has brought me more in tune and closer to earth’s spirit, learning the language of Gaia, the animals and plant life. In this 12 month training I learned to listen with my spirit, my “blood memory” and journey and travel farther, coming to a greater understanding about the importance of ceremony and sacredness.  ESM™ explores “Shamanic” or “Natural Traditional Medicine” concepts, techniques, rituals, ceremonies, and develop that attunement that connects us to nature. 

(excerpts quoted from Diane Littel)

2015 - present

Certificates & memberships,

continuing education

  • Associate member of the American Herbalist Guild - current

  • Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki 1 - New Beginnings Healing Center, Reiki Master teacher Jill Carlson - 2022

  • Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki 2 - New Beginnings Healing Center, Reiki Master teacher Jill Carlson - 2023

  • Trauma Informed Herbalism in Clinical Practice - American Herbalist Guild - 2021

  • Herbal Support for Long Covid  - American Herbalist Guild - 2022

  • Herbal Medicine for Street Medics - American Herbalist Guild - 2022

  • Clinical Skills: Intakes, Patterns & Interventions- American Herbalist Guild 2023

  • Clinical Herbalist mentorship program following the AHG guidelines 2023-present

  • 2023 Amery Free Press - Amery area Reader's Choice Winner for Best Alternative Health Care


Art History - Fine Arts 

Arizona State University


Lisa LeCuyer Kofakis, MH, ESM™SP

As an Herbalist & Shamanic practitioner, one of my goals is to be a bridge between the people and the plants. Helping others find solutions through herbalism and creating plant medicine is my passion.

I cultivate and also wild-harvest plants from our land.  From these, I create balms, oils, tinctures and teas.  I offer herbal recommendations, Herbal Consultation appointments and make custom blends to aid my clients in using plants to support their bodily systems and also to address specific issues.

I also host plant identification walks and classes.  See Silver Creek Herbals Facebook Page for current events.

I'm a US Marine Corps veteran and studied Art History at Arizona State University. 

Each year I add new plants both in my cultivated garden and also in the outlying areas of our property.  Creating an oasis of edible and medicinal perennials is important to me.  As a land steward and healer, I feel this is my duty to give back to the earth that supports us so lovingly.

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