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I became a Clinical Herbalist through my own journey to discover a natural way to address my health issues. I was searching for answers to health questions that I wasn't getting in our conventional medicine arena.  I started looking for alternative ways to heal and I was drawn to plant medicine.  This may be from my family upbringing or from long past ancestors who used plants for their medicine, like we all did! However this gift came to me, I am grateful for it and passionate about sharing with others.  I started seeing an Herbalist to help me with the toxicity I was exposed to when I was a Marine at Camp Lejeune.  This toxic water damaged my reproductive system severely.  20 years later I was continuing to deal with the repercussions of this.  Each visit to my Herbalist added to my intrigue and curiosity about plant medicine.  I started taking workshops and classes.  I just couldn't get enough!  At the age of 50, I decided to change careers and go to school to become a Master Herbalist.  I found a school through the American Herbalist Guild and enrolled at the Midwest School of Herbal Studies.  I graduated out of the Master Herbalist Diploma program and opened my herbal shop, Silver Creek Herbals. At this point, I was already a grower of herbs and a maker of topical herbal salves and oils.  As my business and continuing education grew, I decided to take the next step in my herbal journey.  I started my clinical herbal practice under the guidance of an AHG mentor.  I have found my calling in this life! I strive to always learn more, practice my craft with integrity, be a steward of the land I walk upon and be of service to others. I am currently working towards becoming a Registered Herbalist through the American Herbalist Guild. 




Master Herbalist

Diploma program:

Midwest School of Herbal Studies

The Master-Herbalist diploma program encompasses approximately two-to-three years of study in the major streams of herbalism (including modern Western Herbalism, Native-American Herbalism, Physio-medicalist Herbalism, American-Eclectic Herbalism, Chinese Herbalism, and Ayurvedic Herbalism)


Earth Spirit Medicine TM  

Shamanic practitioner

Earth Spirit Medicine™ (ESM™) developed by Diane Littel MS LPC, CSAC, CSIT, CCAP, RMT, SP, ESMTP™, is a training program that embodies animism, and embraces the concepts of “shamanism”. ESM™ is a way of living that develops a greater, more meaningful connection to plants, crystals / rocks, trees, animals, the unseen, and people. Deeper in the sense that you see or feel the connection in a way that you are a bigger or smaller part of the whole.  ESM™ has brought me more in tune and closer to earth’s spirit, learning the language of Gaia, the animals and plant life. In this 12 month training I learned to listen with my spirit, my “blood memory” and journey and travel farther, coming to a greater understanding about the importance of ceremony and sacredness.  ESM™ explores “Shamanic” or “Natural Traditional Medicine” concepts, techniques, rituals, ceremonies, and develop that attunement that connects us to nature. 

(excerpts quoted from Diane Littel)

2015 - present

Certificates & memberships,

continuing education

  • Associate member of the American Herbalist Guild - current

  • Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki 1 - New Beginnings Healing Center, Reiki Master teacher Jill Carlson - 2022

  • Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki 2 - New Beginnings Healing Center, Reiki Master teacher Jill Carlson - 2023

  • Trauma Informed Herbalism in Clinical Practice - American Herbalist Guild - 2021

  • Herbal Support for Long Covid  - American Herbalist Guild - 2022

  • Herbal Medicine for Street Medics - American Herbalist Guild - 2022

  • Clinical Skills: Intakes, Patterns & Interventions- American Herbalist Guild 2023

  • Clinical Herbalist mentorship program following the AHG guidelines 2023-present

  • 2023 Amery Free Press - Amery area Reader's Choice Winner for Best Alternative Health Care


Art History - Fine Arts 

Arizona State University

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