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Lisa LeCuyer Kofakis
Earth Spirit Medicine™ Shamanic Practitioner 

Services offered by Lisa

Shamanic journey session: 

What to expect:  During your appointment Lisa will start with burning herbs/sage around you for clearing. She will discuss with you your intentions for the session and answer any questions.  You will then be invited to get comfortable on either our massage table or a chair.  Lisa will then start her ceremony by calling in and thanking the directions, elements, ancestors etc.  with drumming, incense and her personal shamanic tools.  She will also find a comfortable spot and her journey will start with your needs and intentions in mind.  During this time, your only job is to relax, listen to the drumming and let Lisa do the work.  (What is a 'journey'?  Lisa will utilize a monotonous percussion sound, drumming, to enter an altered state of consciousness so she is able to access information found outside of our day to day ordinary consciousness, or as some call 'behind the veil', the "99%", 'shamanic state of consciousness' etc. )

After Lisa's journey, which may last between 15mn to 30mn, she'll review with you what has been revealed to her.  You can record or take notes on what she shares with you.  Areas that may be accessed are: past lives, soul retrieval, cord cutting/extraction, power retrieval, power animal.  Lisa will end the session with closing the space and giving thanks.

A session usually last a minimum of one hour.


Rates:  $125/session 

SHAMANIC appointments will be available in 2024, thank you for your patience!

Lisa is also a Master Herbalist and is available to recommend herbs to help you manage both your physical and spiritual health. 

Herbal therapy consultation appointments are available!


What  is Shamanism?

"Although Shamanism is not a religion and has no dogma or firm 'rules', it does embrace several important principles: 

first: Divinity, the Great Spirit, Creator, 'God' or whatever name we choose to give to the Ultimate Source, and the Cosmos - which is everything that exitst, and has existed, or will exist - are one and the same.  Energy and matter are one. 

Second: Everything in existence is connected to everything else.  Everything interconnects in a great universal web of energy, and it is this understanding that makes linking with, journeying through and knowledge of all things possible.

Third: Everything is alive. Everything vibrates: animals, trees, plants - even rocks.  Each is a part of the lives of one another, and each has its own life or way of expressing the idea in the mind of the Creator.

Fourth: There are inner zones of reality which affect and regulate what we experience outwardly. And within these inner realms are helpers, guides an teachers with power to effect change in the outer reality.

(Excerpts quoted from Kenneth Meadows)

Contemporary Shaminism , like that in most tribal cultures, typically utilizes monotonous percussion sound to enter an altered state of consciousness.


What is an Earth Spirit Medicine™ (ESM™) Shamanic Practitioner?

Earth Spirit Medicine™ (ESM™) developed by Diane Littel MS LPC, CSAC, CSIT, CCAP, RMT, SP, ESMTP™, is a training program that embodies animism, and embraces the concepts of “shamanism”. ESM™ is a way of living that develops a greater, more meaningful connection to plants, crystals / rocks, trees, animals, the unseen, and people. Deeper in the sense that you see or feel the connection in a way that you are a bigger or smaller part of the whole.  ESM™ has brought me more in tune and closer to earth’s spirit, learning the language of Gaia, the animals and plant life. In this 12 month training I learned to listen with my spirit, my “blood memory” and journey and travel farther, coming to a greater understanding about the importance of ceremony and sacredness.  ESM™ explores “Shamanic” or “Natural Traditional Medicine” concepts, techniques, rituals, ceremonies, and develop that attunement that connects us to nature. 

(Excerpts quoted from Diane Littel)

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