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We host some of our wild plant identification walks here, along with outdoor classes on growing medicinal plants!

We cultivate numerous plants and flowers on our farm.  Calendula, comfrey, black cohosh and chamomile are a few of our garden plants.  We also wild harvest from our property for Lisa's artisan crafted herbal products, available through our website store and brick & mortar herb shop, Silver Creek Herbals in Turtle Lake, WI.  We have a great abundance of native plants that have many medicinal uses, such as yarrow, plantain, prickly ash and wild bergamot.

wild bergamot

Wild Bergamot

prickly ash berries

Prickly Ash

Silver Creek Springs is 19 acres nestled in a small valley with Silver Creek splitting the property in half.  It’s an old dairy farm, homestead in 1895 by the Deja family. Part of the original homestead still remains on the property and is now used for housing our chicken flock.  The 1935 dairy barn was dismantled between the years of 2014-2016. All of the usable barn boards have been reused on the property and at our retail location, Silver Creek Herbals in Turtle Lake, WI.  The stone foundation will be used to support our future greenhouse roof. We also plan on turning the old milk house into a sauna.

We’ve been in the process of revealing the interior of the original log home, which is our main house.  The 1960's Quonset style building has been renovated to now host space for The Creeky Wheel. The back half of this building is used for guest quarters.

We have a large vegetable garden, which contributes to our goal of becoming self-sustainable.  We also have a small flock of heritage chickens and turkeys. Throughout the property we grow medicinal plants, fruit trees, fruit bushes and native plants.  These are harvested responsibly to be used for our sustenance and in our herbal products. Each year we add new medicinal plants to our farm. We do not use chemical fertilizers or pesticides anywhere on the property.

Check us out on Discover Wisconsin!
(since the airing of this episode, we have moved Silver Creek Herbals shop location North 10 miles to Turtle Lake and the bicycle shop no longer offers general repairs) 

Silver Creek Springs LLC

594 4 1/2 Street

Clayton, WI 54004

The Farm

Rooster and Hen


We have a small flock of heritage breed chickens.

Our birds free range and are fed supplemental organic, soy-free grain.

They're a great addition to the farm and help keep all of our plants free of pesky bugs.


farm chickens


We have a small flock of heritage breed turkeys.  They're our pets and help with keeping bugs at bay. 


They are Slate, Bourbon Red and Narragansett turkeys. Our tom, Cecil, looks after his girls, Irenie and Jazzy.



Turkey poults
pet turkey

Garden & Plants

calendula flowers





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