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We are continually adding medicinal plants to our farm so we can source our ingredients as local as possible.  For those herbs that we're unable to grow in our zone, we source from companies we believe in.

medicinal plants


Lisa wild harvests jewelweed from our properties.  She handcrafts it into an oil which aids in the relief of itchy skin due to bug bites, poison ivy, scars etc.



 Organically grown calendula flowers are infused in olive oil and used in many of Lisa's skin care products. 


Many folks consider this a weed, but it's really a great plant with many uses!  It's one of the key ingredients in the Old Fashioned Black Drawing Salve to help draw out splinter and stingers.

Wild Bergamot

This beautiful, bee loving plant grows wild on the front half of Silver Creek Springs and on our Turtle Lake property.  


Echinacea grows all over.  We're never without a tincture of this to keep away seasonal colds.

Stay tuned for more photos of  plants and also more detailed descriptions on their properties and uses.

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