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Burning Incense
Hailey Rose
psychic channel
and life coach 
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Services offered by Hailey

  • Breath of Life Healing utilizing prana, also called life force energy (approximately 1 1/2 to 2 hours)

  • Seven Element Guided Meditation (approximately 1 hour)

  • Tarot & Oracle Card Reading (approximately 30 mn)

  •  Life coaching and mentorship package: 10 weeks- contact Hailey directly for details


  • Breath of Life- $111

  • Seven Element Guided meditation- $77

  • Tarot & Oracle Card Reading- $44

  • Coaching package: 10 weeks- $2222 

To schedule with Hailey, please connect with her through one of the following ways:

Hailey Rose- Psychic Channel, Healer, and Coach
Connecting you with yourself, soul’s purpose and the Divine

Hailey Rose Coaching LLC


Hailey is a psychic channel, healer, and life coach who specializes in helping women (and others) connect with themselves and soul's purpose. 


She believes that being yourself wholly and authentically is your soul's purpose. Working with Hailey will help you step into yourself and highest potential, embodying all that you came here to be. 

During a session, Hailey will channel exactly what you need to receive. She brings a special connection to Mother Earth and Spirit. You will leave with a new zest for life, feeling relaxed, refreshed, and more confident to be yourself and go after your dreams. 


Hailey facilitates Element Guided Meditations and Breath of Life Healing sessions, along with Sacred Ceremony and ritual. She is certified in Breath of Life Healing, 7-Element Guided Meditation, and Sacred Ceremony through Alchemist Academy 1. 


Since 2021, she has dove deep into her education, investing in numerous advanced and spiritual coaching containers, including Conscious Coach Activation, Conscious Coach Academy, Alchemist Academy 1, Alchemist Academy 2, Five-Figure Frequency, the Temple of Wholeness, mystery schools, along with others. 


Are you ready to see through a new lens? 

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